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London, , E3 %GG
United Kingdom

Freelance Motion Graphics Designer based in London

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desHecho en Syfy




“desHecho en Syfy”, acting as a container showcase for “Hecho en Syfy” (Made in Syfy), celebrates Z-movies from an irreverent perspective. NBC Universal Spain needed a header, closer and signage, with elements that would link to “Hecho en Syfy”. We decided on an explosion that would allow us to focus on Z-movie icons. The original one-eyed monster that appears in “Hecho en Syfy” explodes, filling the white Syfy space with the detritus of it’s insides. Dinosaurs, monsters, airplanes, among many others, fly across the screen. To avoid a chaos of colour, we maintained a white palette for the innards. This allowed us to focus on macro details of the objects and body goo, playing with depth perception and light.

I made with the art and creative direction of "the Cómodos" some scenes and I worked in the lighting and compositing of the whole project with VRay.

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Art & Creative Direction: Cómodo

Production: Maria Borras

Creative Director: Abel Lopez

Deliverables: CGI

Role:  Lighting & Compositing

Software: C4D, VRAY, AEX



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