Alex Andre
CG & Motion Design
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The new Superfly V was designed with one thing in mind: speed.

A super-powered metaphor aligning the acceleration of Ronaldo & Formula 1.

The flat-out screaming Formula 1 engine blows the car apart in a moment of axonometric beauty, reconstructing elegantly as the innovative Mercurial speed system boot components.

After 3D scanning an early product prototype, we designed and modelled the F1 and main boot, to create a lighting/speed experience

Nike Art Direction : David Chen
Intro Creative Director: Julian Gibbs
Animation and Post: Intro

I lead the 3d Animation with the art and creative direction of "INTRO"  and Nike.

Client: Intro

Creative Direction: Intro

Deliverables: CGI

Role: Modeling / Animation / Composition

Software: C4D, AEX, VRAY



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