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CG & Motion Design

8tv Migdia




Project Info

8TV Migdia is an informative magazine-style programme about current events. A warm approach that concentrates on occurrences in Catalunya and abroad.
The channel wanted to avoid the typical “news” programme image, so we proposed an opening sequence based on territories. Different spaces that convey a sense of humanity. Each space is sliced, offering a full view of all the activity that is going on, even below ground or under water.
The final result is simple, clean and happy, highlighting the key communication factor of this 8TV Migdia.

I made with the art and creative direction of "the Cómodos" some models, textures and animation.

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Client: Cómodo

Art & Creative Direction: Cómodo

Deliverables: CGI

Role: Modeling & Animation

Software: C4D, AEX


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